We are a non-profit-organization with international affiliations, committed to working towards the inclusion of Melaka as one of UNESCO's World Heritage Cities, by ensuring that development plans and projects implemented in the State do not damage heritage sites or violate any UNESCO's guidelines towards achieving 'heritage city' status.

  • Contribute to the implementation of the Convention concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage and the International Charter for the Protection of Historic Cities.

  • Encourage national, regional and international cooperation in the exchange of information and expertise pertaining to historic cities, towns, religious buildings, historical sites and buildings.

  • Work in close collaboration with other organizations pursuing similar goals.

  • Support the efforts of the Melaka State Government in the restoration and the preservation of the cultural and national heritage, located at St Paul's Hill and within a 5km radius of it, which we have identified as 'Melaka Cultural Corridor' and 'Melaka Museum Belt.'

  • Ensure better links between specialist organizations undertaking historical research and the Melaka Municipality and PERZIM, and help in maintaining a balance between the economic development programs of the Municipality on one hand and the preservation of historical and heritage sites on the other.

  • Sensitize Melakans and Malaysians to patrimonial values and the need to protect, restore and preserve historical and cultural heritage sites.
  • To work with Melaka State and Federal authorities to do the necessary research and documentation of cultural and heritage sites at and within a 2km radius around of St Paul's Hill referred to as 'Melaka Cultural Corridor' and the 'Museum Belt' for the purpose of supporting Melaka's nomination and acceptance as a heritage city. Some of these sites are 'A Famosa", St Paul's Church, the Stadhuys, Heren Street, Jonkers Street, Nyonya and Baba ancestral homes and the Portuguese Settlement.

  • To assist the State Government identify and prepare the necessary documentation of all artifacts of cultural and historical significance recovered from ancient shipwrecks off the coast of Melaka towards supporting Melaka's request to be declared a heritage city.

  • The ICEF Calendar/Agenda for the period 2002-2005 is as follows: -
    • To lobby relevant authorities and work towards the nomination and acceptance of the historical city of Melaka as a World Heritage City
    • To assist future city mayors in maintaining Melaka's status as a heritage city.
    • Set up communications network
    • Arrange for financing and funding of projects

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