The proposed Museum Belt zone, will be earmarked strategically located at the surrounding of the St Paul Hill, where the present existing museums are located, Museum Rakyat, Youth Museum, Literature Museum, Maritime Museum, Malacca Sultanate Museum, TYT Museum (former official residence of Governor of Malacca State, Royal Navy Museum...

ICEF is considering to incorporate the following new museums at this Museum Belt :

  • Islamic Cultural Assets and Tin Currency Museum : 15-17th Century
  • Money Museum
  • Stamps Museum
  • 3-5 Underwater cultural property : Longquan, Xuate, Royal Nanhai, Turiang Musuem (those are excavated from the Malaysian water, wrecks & artifacts recovered from sunken shipwrecks, from 15th-18th century)
  • Nyonya Baba Museum
  • Laksamana Museum
  • Malaysia Collectibles Museum
  • Open Living Museum, by stages, will be incorporated in Heren & Jonker Street, at those selected buildings, which will be recognized and accepted by WHC & UNESCO
ICEF welcome all those interesting parties and institutions, or individual collectors to participate jointly to materialize the above proposed new museums, which will be located at our proposed Museum Belt.