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This is a general summary of ceramic artifacts excavated from the Ming Dynasty (1436-1476) shipwreck, from South China Sea, named 'Royal Nanhai', in which we have categorized it into four categories :

  • Celadon Wares : Large/Medium incised dishes (28-30cm dia x 7-9cm, weight 1.6-2.1 kilo, thickness = 40-60mm) , Big Bowl (19-20cm x 9.5cm x 5cm), Small Jarlet (6cm x 6.2cm x 3.5cm) various small saucers and water droppers, large water vessel, miniature cups etc.
  • Black/Brown glazed stoneware's : various urns (15-23cm high), small kendi (6-8cm), large Marta bans (55-65 lit).
  • Earthenware's : Beakers (19-35cm high), various rice pots (8-25cm high), various small urns (9-17cm high).
  • Other ceramics : Chinese b/w kiln dish (25cm dia), Chinese ink bottle (4cm high). As photo shows some of the celadon's with overgrown, other with various decorations and designs.

Look, Who... Sten Sjostrand, Swedist chief excavator of shipwrecks 'Royal Nanhai', 'Xuande', 'Longquan', 'Nanyang' & 'Turiang'.. Sten is also a world well known archeologist.. our partner in MAM..

Who is she ?.. reputable specialist and expert on ceramic/porcelain and shipwreck's artifacts.. she is practically authenticated and surveyed all what has been excavated by Sten.. make sure ALL ARE REAL..